Grind & Seal


get a natural concrete look

Industrial. Natural. Low Maintenance.

Just like it sounds we grind the concrete floor and then apply a clear, protective coating. Grind and seal leaves your floor with a natural look that shines through. This is a popular option when it comes to concrete floors because it provides all the advantages of concrete while also having a protective clear topcoat. There are many advantages when it comes to grind & seal including: 

  • Slip Resistant – We add a grit to help keep them from being slippery. This makes it a great option for homes with kids and dogs. 
  • Easy Maintenance – You can simply sweep and clean grind and seal floors.
  • Affordable – This option is one of the most reasonable concrete flooring styles. 

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we have equipment to bring your
concrete back to natural beauty

Concrete Grinder
Equipment To Get To Your Concrete's Edge

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